Windows 8 mystery new ‘Protogon’ file system

“I’ve also dug up history of some underlying directory system changes that I personally couldn’t quite make knowledge of, such as 1 entirely new file console driver called”NT Protogon FS driver” (Sony vgp-bps2b battery), which looks like this kernel mode driver available for some sort of (yet unknown) file system labeled Protogon. It’s unclear, associated with whether this is a big new file system as well just some minor subsystem.”

I inquired of Rafael Rivera of “WithinWindows” fame considering that to no matter if he’d been made aware of Protogon. He completed a beautifully check and after that said where whatever Protogon is, this task seems to be able to incorporate database-like concepts just as transactions, cursors, rows and as well as tables. Windows 8 product key said this item includes that you simply string, and seems on indicate Protogon could switch out or of least copy NTFS (the NT track system) for the reason that needed. Rivera also questioned if Protogon might grow to be an modify of the”Jet Blue” data system/extensible computer storage engine tailored for you see, the latest brand of Chaotic Directory Exchange Equipment.

There are a large amount of gossip early in about 8, this kind of as that the situation might offer a brand-new file arrangement. Now My name is wondering something that this rrssue really is certainly. WinFS revisited? (WinFS any new hard drive space engine which was supposed in order to part related Windows Vista, but had been largely shelved, save any concepts the went into the SQL number.)I doubt we’ll hear anything information about Protogon within Windows The biggest Steven Sinofsky’s appearance in the AllThingsD achieving on Friday. (Sinofsky may show off how the Windows 3 interface when it comes to tablets, as documented by rumors and even reports.)

The laptop or computer giant would have named most of the file multilevel “Protogon” in addition , references in it can be located in current leaked duplicates of House 8. Itworld discovered personal references to any “NT Protogon FS driver”, which definitely seems to be a kernel mode participant for your new file approach called Protogon (Dell xps m1330 Batteries). Mary Jo Foley achieved some farther digging along with Rafael Rivera and it would appear that Protogon utilises database-like key facts like transactions, cursors, lines and table. Rivera says Protogon includes per string, and this seems to show Protogon could very well replace or at worst emulate NTFS file method.

Protogon feels like Microsoft’s malware concept of most Windows Lengthy Storage (WinFS). The codename (WinFS) primarily made it has way directly Longhorn (Windows Vista) forms during the initial beta portions. WinFS was first demonstrated all the way through 2003 in the company’s Professional Developers Office meeting. Microsoft promised an advanced storage area subsystem in order to manage tips by way of a storage system. The WinFS database would attainable for any sort of information being stored to it alongside a precise schema for that data option. The idea was to accelerate searching not to mention data expressing between computer applications. Microsoft ditched the idea sooner than Windows Vis was given market.